Product photography captures the likeness of a product for use in commercial advertisements or other business collateral including web site images. These are typically close-up photos requiring:

  • high quality lighting and instruments to test lighting levels
  • proper diffusing and reflection of light to capture correct colors, prevent harsh shadows around the product, and prevent underexposed areas of the products
  • remote camera triggers to avoid causing any movement of the camera during the exposure
  • specific photography skills in product photography

The object of good product photography is to capture the dramatic image you need for your web site, brochures, and catalogues in such a manner that little if any image manipulation (in Photoshop) is needed.

XI Interactive provides product photography services utilizing only highly skilled photographers with industry standard high quality equipment. We shoot in all digital equipment so you will be able to review the photographs during and after our session to make sure that you get the look you want. Unlike many other photographers who keep the images and charge you for the photograph prints, when we do a photo shoot for you and your organization, the digital images are given to you on a CD/DVD disk for your organization's use after our project is complete. In our mind, this is the way we would want to be treated. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.