In the Beginning....

We have been doing web, PC's, and networking since 1994. In 1999, we incorporated in Georgia as Precision 1 Computer Technologies, Inc. In those pre-Y2k days, the focus was on updating hardware and software to be "Y2K-compliant" so our core business was network engineering. Web was a smaller part of our business but it was our passion and real long-term dream.

Dot Com and Y2K

In 2000, with the Y2K crisis safely averted, we decided to have some fun chasing our real dream. We made a strategic shift toward more web development, and by the fall it was our core business. Most of our web business at the time was small businesses. The "Dot Com Bubble" was in play at the time and by late 2000 we found ourselves consulting on Fortune 500 projects around Atlanta like Southern Company and Invesco. Through some fortunate industry relationships, we were introduced to Emory University where we started working on department level web sites within the School of Medicine. Over the next few years, we launched a totally redesigned web site for Emory's Woodruff Health Sciences Center, then Emory's Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University's main web site, www.emory.edu, and eventually Emory Healthcare (www.emoryhealthacare.org) as well.

The Advertising Campaign that Worked

When you treat your clients right, they do the advertising for you. We developed a practice of shooting straight, under promising, and over delivering. We do our best to treat every client like THEY are our advertising and their satisfaction determines our future. With this philosphy and the help of our client's referrals, XI Interactive has grown and is serving clients in large corporate and educational enterprizes as well as medium and small businesses around Atlanta. We have a mix of non-profit philanthropic efforts as well. We enjoy the challenge of the varied client profile because it keeps us on our toes and challenges our technical and design creativity. We work hard to build relationships with clients because we believe that relationships are the basis of business and add to the quality of life. We are constantly expanding our services to meet the needs of clients and perpetuate our business relationship with them.

Over the years, we have transformed from developing infant Internet web sites that were static content and design centric, to developing sites that because of expanded information missions, are data-driven application centric web sites. This is where we have the most fun. While we are focusing on our core strengths, we also realize that we cannot be all things to all people. The day of the one-stop-shop agency is gone ... you simply cannot be the best at everything a client needs. So, having been in the industry for a long time, we are well networked with a lot of talented people and other firms. We bring you the strength of these relationships and our collaboration.


Today in 2022, the core of our business is web design and web application development, but that gets us into several other things we have found either necessary or helpful to our clients - things such as ground and aerial photography, trade show booths and banners, truck wraps, etc. We still provide tech support for many of our PC/Windows-based networking clients, and have added Apple/Macintosh support because we feel this market is set to expand rapidly - plus we kinda like Macs.

grates agere

We consider ourselves very fortunate to be enjoying the success and growth we have. We are very grateful to our loyal clients for their business and to our Creator for His blessings. Our company is growing and morphing with the ever-changing marketplace. No doubt if you view this page a year from now, we will be playing with some new idea or technology and offering new and expanded services.