Email Hosting & Management

Email is a lifeblood for a business. You cant afford to be down and you dont like making excuses to your customers. If you are going to get hacked or hit by a virus, your email server is likely where its going to happen. If you have been around the Internet for very long at all, you know how it is, you've been there and you don't want to do that again. You are good at what you do so why take your time away from your orgainization. This is something a professional can do for you so you can spend your time doing what you need to do.

XI supplies both POP and IMAP email services, but we strongly suggest you use IMAP for good reasons.

  • POP - is used for many standard Internet mail applications and for many mobile devices
  • IMAP - is the more robust email solution an is typically used in business environments. Allows synchronized email clients.
  • IMAP + POP - for those mobile people that access their email through a variety of devices and need them all to synchronize.

Most small business need a technology partner to help them with things like their email. XI is that partner. We will not only set up your email, but will stay with you as your Mail Administrator on an "as-needed" or contract basis to make sure that have help when you need it.