Email Advertisement Design

The basic challenge:

  1. You want to avoid being tagged as SPAM because of your design
  2. You want the recipient to read the email
  3. You want the recipient to respond

Tag you're IT (SPAM)

Nobody likes SPAM, the email variety that is, but some people like the meat. Regardless of whether you do or not, it will still be on the shelf at your local Kroger grocery store for years to come. SPAM email is similar.

There are certain things you do that get you labeled as spam. These are the most notable:

You want your email distribution to be received and read, not fitered out as spam. There are these items above and others that trigger spam filters to discard your email. When we design your email for distribution, we will advise you on how to be most effective. We will tell you some of the "secrets" that get you labeled as spam and also some of the "secrets" to being successful with mass emails.


Once you get past the spam filter and into the inbox, you want to be read. Some nice graphics, good layout, clean code, and a bit of marketing saavy will help.


"Respond si vouz plais" is exactly the problem... or rather the "si vouz plais" is the problem. Of course we want them to respond, but that does not mean that the reader wants to respond.

We are a more sophisticated consumer today than we were a few years ago. The Internet has in one way or the other dangled every imaginable carrot in front of us, so we have become unresponsive to carrots and many of the things that look or smell like them. So what should a savvy email marketer do?

Well, it may be a novel thought, but try offering the reader something he really wants.