Core Values

"How different our lives are when we really know what is deeply important to us, and, keeping that picture in mind, we manage ourselves each day to be and to know what really matters most." Stephen Covey, Author/Speaker

Value Assurance

Core Values Every organization, business or otherwise, relies extensively on quality assurance systems to measure and thereby control the consistent quality of services, processes, and products for the ultimate goal of attaining and maintaining a leadership position in market share. Imagine applying that same diligence to a set of core values, to your every day work, to your conversations with clients,...

Our Mission

At XI Interactiv, our QA is vital to our mission, but the real drivers in our business are our Core Values. We measure our incremental and ultimate success by the journey toward and application of these values to everything we do. It is our Core Values that really matter. These are things we personally believe. These are values we live our life by, so this is how we conduct business too.

Our Core Values create our mission. We believe that true opportunity requires a commitment to a core set of values. These values are integrally related to principles of human rights in society:

  • Equal opportunity and treatment in society
  • A representative voice in decisions governing their society
  • The opportunity and tools to meet our own basic needs
  • The opportunity to dream and better one's life
  • The opportunity to try as many times as it takes to succceed
  • The responsibility of personal conduct respectful of others

These are not just good policy ideas, they are the right of every human being simply by virtue of his or her humanity.