Core Value: On Being Trustworthy

"In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don't have the first, the other two will kill you." Warren Buffett - CEO Berkshire

Having Character of Integrity, Reliability, & Fairness

Our Trust Directive

Core Value: On Being Trustworthy We will be people and a company that is trusted in the marketplace - one that stands for integrity and sets a standard for it, inspiring others to be always truthful and fair as principles held higher than profit and traditional business goals.

Our Definition of Trust

Trust is the belief and confidence in the integrity, reliability and fairness of a person or organization.... an essential human value that quantifies and defines our interdependance in relationships with others. Trust is a choice we make toward someone when we are inspired that they have either earned our confidence or are by some other means worthy of it. It is difficult to acquire, and when fractured even harder to redeem, so perhaps the lessons of trust are not not how to earn it, but what it takes to keep it. And perhaps the greatest value of trust is not the accomplishments we make with it, but rather what trust accomplishes in us on our quest to become people who are worthy of receiving it.

What this means to You

When you start looking for a vendor to serve your company's needs, you often look at who is doing business with people you know and trust. Or you look at who is doing business with your competitors. You want trade referrences and referrals. You want an experienced team of professionals with a track record of success. When it comes down to engaging in a business relationship, you lay the foundation with well-formed legal documents to make sure the project is completed to spec, the transaction is conducted properly, and both parties are protected in the event of the other party's breach. But the truth is that nobody wants to get in a legal tangle to enforce their understanding of the terms of the contract. The truth is, its not really about the legal contract. It's about trust. You want to do business with people that do what they say they are going to do and they do it with excellence. You are looking for people to build long-term partnering relationships with.

At XI Interactive, we believe that trust is the foundation of relationships. We want a business reltationship with your organization and we are willing to earn your trust just like we have so many others. We utilize very well-formed and traditional legal documents to contract projects, but what we really rely on to conduct business is the trust between us that we have a good understanding of eachother's expectations and promises, and the character to equtiably right any misunderstandings. We still do contracts, but you probably have enough business experience to know that contract or not, it still comes down to IF you can TRUST the person you are dealing with.

What this means to Us

When it comes to virtues, one of the most important is integrity. It is based in a value system that places people above profits, relationship above ROI, reputation above revenues. If a person's integrity is based in good principles then that person is usually fundamentally honest. If a person's integrity is based on the circumstance (situational ethics) then you never really know when they are "shooting you straight" or manipulating you. Once a person's integrity becomes a known flaw, do you ever really trust them again? Trust just might be the foundation of our relationships. We pretty much define the quality our relationships by the level of trust we have in people´┐Ż or the lack thereof.

At XI, we have personal beliefs that becoming a person of integrity requires a personal quest for truth in all areas of our life. Our belief system and our business model motivate us to build long term relationships with clients who are looking for someone they can trust.
At XI, We Believe....

  • that integrity is the basis of excellence in our work.
  • that if we are honest with our clients then they will trust us and be honest with us.
  • that personal character is our individual responsibility to ourselves, our team members, and our clients; and personal integrity builds team integrity.
  • that word-of-mouth referrals and our reputation are our most effective advertising in this very competitive industry.
  • that our integrity and trustworthiness are in fact the greatest things we have to offer you.

To sum it all up, we put a lot of effort into being people of integrity. We value trust and honor more than we do the dollar, so we will do our best to conduct ourselves accordingly. In this respect, we are selectively looking for clients with the same values - ones that we can trust. If this is you then probably we will click well. We will enjoy working together with you in a team relationship and creating great things together.