Building Long term Relationships

Good business relationships are what makes business click and keep on clicking. Life is too short and none of us have enough time to waste doing things the hard way with people that make our life harder.

The Way We Look at Clients

When we find a client that we can build a relationship with, one that cares about his project as much as we do, one that has his skin in the game because he realizes his future reputation and success are about the work he is doing now, not the work he did in the past, we find ourselves becoming loyal to that customer... not because we have to but because it makes sense. We have values about why we do things and how we do things. Not everyone understands that. But when we find a client that does, we do what it takes to earn his or her loyalty. We are in this for the long haul. Its not about the dollar, its about the quality of our lives - the ones we live and the people we live them with. The better our business runs the less stressed we are when we go home to our families. Their needs are met and Life is good. Good clients help make that happen.

The Way You Look at Vendors

When you find a vendor you can trust to get the job done for you, one that you can count on to care about your project like you do, one that takes ownership of things like his own skin is in the game too, you find yourself becoming loyal to that vendor... not because you have to but because it makes good sense. You are the kind of person that does what it takes to get the loyalty of your customers and you want to be treated the same way when you are the customer.

We Are All in it for the Same Reasons

Over time these trusted business relationships turn into friendships and this adds alot to our quality of life. After all, thats what its really all about, isn't it?. Life is just too short to be defined by things like ROI or net worth. At the end of it all its about your family and your friends... the time you spent with them, and helping other people have a better life. At XI we aren't just looking for customers, we are looking for life-long friends. Of course we are profit driven, but there really is more to life, ... go ahead and admit it... don't you think this way too?