Enjoying Our Work

"Son, when you grow up, do something you enjoy doing and you wont work a day in your life." unkown father to his son

Web is our passion

We believe that to be good at something you have to really like it - you find enjoyment and purpose in it. When you enjoy it you think about it, your fascination drives you to learn more, your creative energy is flowing to find new ways to do it better, to make it excellent. You want to master your craft.

To master something, to devote yourselft to becoming really good at it, you have to believe that there is a quality to it, that this thing you are doing is worth all the effort it takes to get it right, something about it fascinates you, and you love it in a way that relentlessly seeks creativity and excellence.

We got into this whole web thing because we thought it was really cool... because we thought it was the future of things and it might be a fun ride. It started as a curiosity and then became fun. The fun turned into a passion and the passion became a XI Interactive. We believe that we are good at it because we are passionate about it. Enjoying what we do is a core value or ours. So when we work on your web site, we will be doing what we love doing and having fun at it. We would love for you to join in that excitement with us.