Core value: Charity

helping Others Along Their Way

When you do good things for other people, things that often they cannot do for them selves, then other people do good things for you. No matter how you name it or explain it, goodness creates goodwill and it is contageous:

  • Good Karma
  • You reap what you sow
  • What goes around comes around
  • "The Force be with you Luke"
  • The Golden Rule

At XI we believe that Life affords us the opportunity to help other people along their way. No matter whether you believe in - a Creator, the Evolution of the Species, an alien subculture, or just random coincidence and dumb luck - look around you and you will realize that good things do happen to good people. Nice guys do not finish last. In the course of history, we celebrate and love nice people and we fear and hate mean people - its just that simple. Somewhere in all of us is this notion to be good to others. If we can get our eyes off of ourselves for just a moment then we see a world around us that we can help. Something in our DNA wants the good guys to win.... and we want to help them do it. So we made this a Company core value. If you have the chance to help someone... and the means to do it... its worth making the time.

We like people that use their resources to help other people. And we often find ourselves using our resources to help the helpers. It feels good when we do,

  • The Passport is a couple of guys that travelled around the world with a vision to capture the stories of forgotten people around the world and to give them a voice thru digital imagery.
  • MAMC is an organization that enrolls high school grads in a 9 month program to teach them clean living, how to grow up, and how to reach out to the less fortunate around them.
  • Supreme Task International is a faith-based organization working to improve the lifestyles and conditions in remote Northern India
  • It Doesnt Stop There - no its not the name of another client, its a way of thinking. We try to treat our corporate and institutional clients the same way. Its about people, not money, and if you are good to the people that you can reach in your daily living then you are making the world a better place - one day and one person at a time.