Case Study: Dr. Neale Martin/Ntelec

Showcasing Dr. Neale Martin's new Book


Ntelec - The legacy is in all flash web site that has not been updated in quite some time. The content is minimal and focuses entirely on the consulting practice of Dr. Neale Martin. He has recently written a new book, <i>Habit: the 95% of behavior that Marketers Ignore</i>.

The Mission

To redesign Dr. Martin's existing web site,, in the motif of the author's most recent book "Habit" and upgrade the site with more content providing a launching pad for this new phase of his consulting business.

The Challenge

Dr. Martin is traveling extensively promoting his new book that will be available in 2 months. The challenge is to get up a web site with the needed information before the launch of the book and then continue to improve the site with time.

The Solution

As requested, the design was influenced directly by the book cover design. The design is totally template driven so a redesign can be implemented easily upon completion of his next book.

The web site is developed with search engine optimization (SEO) features in mind. All meta tagging is accomplished dynamically resulting in ease of maintenance.

Dr Martin writes extensively for industry trade magazines. These articles are maintained in a database which allows for ease of site maintenace, consistent style. The database allows each article to reference the publication, publication date, link to the original URL of the article, and other pertinent information.

Dr Martin wants to have a blog championing <i>Habit: the 95% of behavior that Marketers Ignore</i> topics in light of current events and news. This blog is placed in the database for ease of maintenace, consistent style, and also to serve the content in "teasers" on other pages of the web site. This helps to keep other pages fresh as this content is automatically published to other pages of the web site.

Products (typically the client's book) are also served out of the database with links to specific pages on <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and <a href="">Barnes &amp; Noble</a> where these books can be purchased.

Dr Martin is often in taped interviews with TV or radio stations. When possible, these taped sessions are made available on the web site as managed in the database. The Multimedia page includes captions and links to this media.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical so all SEO features are managed programatically to ensure proper distribution of meta data to the various meta tags.

The Results

This is a major upgrade from the previous site and one that the author can grow his consulting business with for years to come.