Case Study: Allied Environmental Solutions

Extensive Product documentation web site in the Fuel Services industry


Allied Environmental Solutions Allied Environmental is an engineering company in the fuel services industries for aeronautics, military, industry, and transportation markets with global installations.

The Mission

The client wants a web site that they can use in their sales process with their customers. They want to be able to take a client to the web site and guide them through product information and documentation on the web site.

The Challenge

This task requires an immense undertaking of gathering documentation for all of the client's products and services. We wanted to make sure that they site visitors did not get lost in all the vertical drilling through navigation trying to find the product information they needed.

The Solution

Xi created a dynamic flash navigation that allowed the site visitors to fluidly browse the product line by mousing over the navigation elements. This enabled the visitor to go directly from the home page to a product page that was actually four levels deep in navigation.

The Results

AEI's customers can quickly get to the product literature they need. Each product page has downloadable PDF files as well as information in the page (HTML).