About XI Interactive

Who We Are

We are a media development firm in Metro-Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in Internet, intranet, and extranet web sites, browser-based applications and associated technologies. We do this because we enjoy it. In the infant years of the Internet, it started as a curiosity and then became fun. The fun turned to a passion and the passion became a career. We believe that we are good at it because we enjoy it. So we make it a point to enjoy what we do - it's a core value of ours, and this inspires our committment to excellence. We invite you to bring your project to us and join the excitement - our passion is contageous.

Our Clientele

We serve a very diverse market so our clientele is likewise very diverse. These days everyone wants a web site, and if you have something important to say then you need a web site to get your message out. Our clients are all kinds from Mom & Pop small business, technology start-ups, churches, universities, healthcare, to large corporations. We aren't one of those web shops that got stuck in a vertical market. We rather enjoy the challenge of serving corporate diversity - it keeps us on our toes. We also look at it like an investment strategy. We are not dependant on the economics of a particular market.

Market Endurance and Business Agility

We've been in business since 1999 (23 years). Our business is built on business relationships with our clients. There are some things we've learned along the way:

First, nothing stays the same. Our clients must be ever vigilant to adapt to market changes in order to compete and endure. So do we. We are structured for business agility. We stay lean and flexible on purpose in order to optimize the market-responsiveness of our strategy matrix. We can call the shots on how to best serve our customers and to respond quickly to industry changes and the evolution of Internet technologies. We have seen the big marketing/web firms - worked for them in fact - we just believe that our clients deserve the best in personal and responsive service. We thrive on being in a creative environment that makes designing and developing web sites fun.

Second, its not what you know or who you know, but rather a combindation of the two. Our strength comes from our knowledge and experience - it is extended by our networking. You see, when the dot-com era ended, the talent in all those big web companies was scattered. Those of us with the most experience and expertise started our own boutique companies or became freelancers - basically some of the talent-pool web companies that went under spawned all these small boutique-type web shops made of teams of the creative leaders from the dot-com era. So now we often collaborate and combine efforts - that is we co-op and work on projects together - with many of the same people we worked with during dot-com. Putting the "what-you-know" and the "who-you-know" together, we are the agile and enduring partner you are looking for.